This burly handsome guy became the talisman for the appliance toss when a friend and then student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Derek Hess, attended the first appliance toss and used the party as an idea for a theme for a pamphlet project for one of his classes.


Derek showed the drawings in the pamphlet to me - I thought they were so cool that I asked him if I could use the drawings for the next party. He agreed. I scanned it and have been using it ever since for toss invitations, flyers, etc..  Although Derek recently told me that the original has been lost, I thank him for kindly allowing us the use the BKH drawings all these years for the appliance toss.  At about the same time he  drew another iconic character of the appliance toss, the vacuum batter.


Where the name beefknifehead came from I'm not sure,  I think it may have originated from the inebriated bantering (back when we did those things) of Uncle Dan,  Spodie,  Derek,  me and others at the Euclid Tavern late night.