The gold Ford Escort did not survive

Welcome to the appliance toss

New Year's Eve Appliance Toss Party


This uniquely Cleveland New Year's Eve Party experience has become a tradition for more than 2 decades.

Guests bring an old or useless appliance to the party to toss off the balcony at midnight onto a useless vehicle.





Welcome to the Party

2016-17 Toss!



The dual water heaters destroy the roof of the car.

2016-17 Pictures are here

Many of the working appliances are plugged in, turned on and then go off the porch 'live'.

Mayhem and reckless abandon ensue as toasters, phones, blenders, stoves, dryers and air conditioners rain down from the balcony on the target vehicle. The festivities continue into the early hours of the first day of the new year.

The various small and large appliances are first tossed, then retossed, hurled and even swung like baseball bats at the hapless target.

The vehicle is destined for the junkyard crusher, filled with broken, smashed and dismembered appliances.

Beef & beer are customary appliance toss food & drink. A drink of champagne in the new year sometime after midnight is also customary. No champagne glasses are needed just pass the bottle around....



TV Pinyata: Somewhat Damaged

(added 12/24/18, 90 Megabyte small movie)


'Target' from 1995-6 toss: a maroon 1980 Celica


2016-17 toss movie (89 Mbytes)

2015-16 toss movie (44 Mbytes)

2013-14 toss movie (50 Mbytes)

2012-13 toss movie (30 Mbytes)

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Lord of the Appliance Toss (1981 Ford Dr style)

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Many thanks to those who have helped put on the Appliance Toss throughout the years.